Dutray Yorkies have been matched with amazing families. Check out our new puppies and take one home for yourself!

When my family and I lost our dog we had for 15 years I knew it would be some time before I was ready for another dog.

After many months I jumped online and started researching nearby breeders. After finding Tracy’s website I knew my search was complete. I reached out almost immediately and so started the process of my family getting our new pup, Savvy. Waiting to bring a puppy home can seem like forever, especially when little kids are involved. Tracy made sure I was getting constant updates and encouraged frequent visits with Savvy once she was born. When I first met Tracy it was very clear that this is a woman that not only loves these dogs but also has an incredible amount of knowledge in what she is doing. Savvy has been home with us for 5 days now and Tracy has been just as available to answer my questions as she has been for this entire process. I’ve already sent her information to a friend that is considering a new puppy. There is no doubt in my mind that I made the right decision choosing Tracy and Dutray Yorkies.

Tulles Family

Our empty nest is empty no more.

Our first experience with a breeder Dutrayyorkies has been a wonderful every step of the way. We were kept informed and educated about the proper care for our new fur baby. Tracy allowed me to visit Gracie Lou shortly after she was born and frequently to bond with her before we brought her home. Excellent breeder and caregiver for these precious little gifts from heaven.

Kathy Petty

I have read each and every testimonial posted on Tracy’s website, Dutrayyorkies. Each and every testimonial is spot on! Tracy is not only a great person, but a super excellent Yorkies caregiver. I picked up Duke and he has been the best little pup ever! He slept through the night immediately and knows how to potty outside already at three months! Plus, from the day we brought him home Duke chased and fetched his tiny toys. He brought them back every time at around 12 weeks! I highly recommend Tracy and Dutrayyorkes for your next furry family member! Cheers to Tracy for being a pro at what she does!

The Ross Family

I lost my beloved Yorkie and was struggling with the idea of another puppy

when I stumbled onto the Dutray’s Yorkies website. I called Tracy out of curiosity because it had been 13 years since I’ve had a puppy and didn’t want to buy from a puppy mill. Tracy talked to me for almost an hour and was so personable with me (yes, I was still crying from my loss last year) and it was clear she is just as passionate about her babies as I was about mine! Her girls are her pets and are so sweet! Tracy is very thorough. She has the pups 90% potty-trained by the time you bring them home. She provides you with a (monogramed) goodie bag with everything you need. The puppies have the sweetest temperaments! And, she is there if you need her AFTER you get home! I love my little Bentley so much we even went and go his brother Milo a few days later!


Cheryl Dumas

On a whim, as we drove to visit our son in college, I began to research hypoallergenic dogs landed on Dutrayyorkies and sent a note of interest.

I believe firmly it was by the divine intervention of the lord because we were “near” Caddo  Mills at the time. Hesitant to embark on a new journey after the loss of our fur baby, God sent us Tracy and her husband, and eventually our precious Tahlula. From the moment she answered my first crazy messages she was warm, comforting, inviting, and full of facts. She blessed us with reassurance and guidance as we selected our precious new baby and made every single step of the journey magic. The communication made the weeks fly by. The pictures made us squeal with joy and anxious anticipation. The welcome into her home gave us peace and a new acquaintance that we will carry for a lifetime. She formed a connection with our youngest and sent daily – I said DAILY pictures and video! Tahlula is precious and smart, adorable and potty trained- she is our spoiled endlessly baby and we couldn’t be more happy or blessed. We are already talking about bringing home a friend for our girl. Hands down- there is no other place we will ever entertain. #blessed #family #yorkie

Tracy is so welcoming and informative, and she truly loves each and every one of her pups and adult dogs.

We had a traditional yorkies for 15 years and had to say goodbye. Our hears were broken and we wanted another yorkies to help fill that void. We just happened to find Tracy online and found that she was right here in our own “backyard”. We contacted her and she immediately invited us into her home to meet all of her loving dogs and pups. After seeing how much care and love she gave the pups, we decided to purchase 2 of them. The puppies we were going to choose from were still a couple months from arrival, but one day shortly after we first met with her, Tracy called to let us know that a client who was going to pick up one of the puppies called to say they weren’t able to get her after all, and that the puppy was available for immediate adoption if we were interested. We met her that night, and fell in love with our new blonde sable yorkie. We took her home and Sadie was the most well natured and loving yorkie. Tracy makes certain all her pups are well loved and socialized with other dogs as well as people, and Sadie was a blessing in every way. She slept through the night the very first night wit us, and though we had planned for her to sleep in her crate at night, sh was sleeping next to us in our bed before long. She was pad trained and very well behaved and just loved everybody! When it was time for bed, she was happy to go to bed and rarely had to wake us up to potty, We would put her down after waking up and she went straight to her pads to potty in the mornings. We couldn’t wait to get our second pup. After the littler was born, Tracy invited us to to come see the pups and pick one out ourselves. We chose a traditional male like our previous fur baby, and Tracy and Duke invited us to come and visit him anytime, which we did often Tracy was quick to send us any updates about him, and we enjoyed watching him grow. Then, when he was ready, we were finally able to pick  him up and take him home. Now Coco and Sadie are best of friends and love to play, and he is just as lovable as Sadie. We just took Coco for his first bet visit and the Veterinarian and office staff are in love with both our yorkies. They are truly impressed how calm and sweet they both are. Both completely healthy, happy and beautiful! Tracy has always been very helpful and quick to answer any questions we had, and she has gone above and beyond with both Sadie and Coco. We love our yorkies so much, we are considering a third from her. Although we were lucky with our previous yorkies, who we rescued from a puppy mill, we would not get another trike from anywhere else but Dutrayyorkies. Tracy and Duke are amazing and kind people, and they love raising and caring for ALL there dogs. We were at their home may times, and their love and passion for ALL their dogs is obvious and without question! We cannot say enough great things about Tracy and her entire process of raising her pups from birth to adoption and beyond. All our thanks and appreciation to Tracy and Duke!!

Scott and Tina Chambliss

Thank you Dutray Yorkies for a wonderful experience! I’ll be back!!

Having received my newest Yorkie from Tracy was an experience that was so warm and comfortable. She made me feel right at home and her own pups were just as warm and inviting as she is. My Pippi came home with me paper trained and social, she was use to being with other puppies and small children, which I have around my house all the time. She has done everything right as a breeder and I have had some not so good experiences with some. But she took into account what I would need for my trip back to NY and had it all ready for me when I left. Little Pippin came into my little family of Yorkies, I now have 4 yorkies and have to say the two I have gotten from Tracy are by far the most mellow and came pee pad trained! I have been home 2 full days and Micha is already sleeping all night and getting up with the others and going outside to do his business like they all do. He is so smart and just loves to cuddle, and I’m sure that’s from all the tender loving care that was given to him from Tracy. I have called her on several occasions to have her make me feel like I’m doing the right thing or advising me as to what I should do. Thank you Dutray Yorkies for a wonderful experience! I wouldn’t go anyplace else for my next yorkie!!


-Michelle Cole

I cant even imagine my life without these two little guys.

I’m blessed that the breeder is my mom, but also a witness to  how much she loves to breed these wonderful dogs.  All these puppies are pampered and loved on multiple times through out the day. Both of my boys have come home socialized, loving and pee pad trained. Both my boys are attached to my side all day long and just love to be held and loved on. They bring me so much joy. I woldnt even think of getting a Yorkie any where else!

Annette Saddleson



This is Juddar one of Tracy’s fur babies!

Juddar is a very smart and interesting fur baby. He already.  knows how to climb steps. When Tracy untied Juddar and I he was already pee pad trained and socialized with other pets and very well mannered. Juddar understands “come to me”, he sleeps through out the night. I would highly recommend her. Tracy is an awesome mom with her fur babies. I highly recommend Dutrayyorkies for your next family member.


We are so excited to have our Dutray Yorkie in our arms!

Anna  Lee is absolutely beautiful. She came to us healthy and pre spoiled. She is friendly, loving, and an outgoing little girl. Tracy was so easy to get to know, I received pictures of my baby several times a week. I felt like I was right with her watching her grow. Tracy is a wonderful breeder (yorkie moomy). I’m so fortunate to have found Dutray Yorkies. I highly recommend.

Joel and Peggy Romero

Abbeville, Louisiana

We had the good fortune of locating Tracy and Dutray Yorkies!

We selected our puppy when she was 3 weeks old. Thought waiting 12 weeks for Thatcher would be impossible, but Tracy kept us informed on her progress and delighted us with photos and videos. When we picked Thatcher up we were sent home with a lovely bag, including treats, toys and information about puppies. We find our little girl is fearless, well socialized, knows her name and is already potty trained. It is obvious she was loved and well cared for by Tracy. We highly recommend their breeding program. For us it was a perfect choice!!

Ann & Cary

This is my sweet little boy Charli from dutray yorkies. I cannot say enough about Tracy, who is so attentive to letting you know everything that’s goin on from beginning of the birth till the end. She stays in touch by sending ultrasound pictures, and videos. She makes sure that your new little one knows his/her name and trains them to use a pad. When it was time to pick up my Charli, Tracy was very informative on making sure I knew how to take care of Charli. I would highly recommend Dutrayyorkes!


Cheers to Tracy Simpson on her excellent line of Dutrayyorkies!!!!

Tracy is an experienced breeder with tons of knowledge, advice and helpful suggestions. Her “dog’s room” (and I don’t understate “ROOM”) is designed  around the delivery and early development of puppies. We “visited” Oscar on numerous occasions prior to picking him up at 12 weeks. This “bonding” experience was awesome! He had all the “starter” shots upon pickup, an organized folder with shot records, including forms for AKC registration, a bag of goodies, including food, a blanket with his “smell” (to help with his transition) and a designer carrying bag with his name!!. We couldn’t be happier with our bundle of joy. He is 10 weeks old in the picture. We picked him from a litter of 8 at about 2-3 weeks of age. We visited on several occasions for play time before thing him home. He is a quick learner: “lights out” at night, and we have no whining at night or in the morning until he is greeted!

Thank you tracy for blessing us with the opportunity of selecting and naming Oscar! We are looking forward to another awesome experience soon- hopefully adopting a “sister” for Oscar!!

Sharon and Paul

Not only does Tracy provide healthy, beautiful dogs

She also communicates about the entire process! My questions were promptly answered and we received constant pictures of River and Finn as they matured. We are very happy with the brother and sister that joined our family and happy to call Tracy our friend.

Marc and Julie

I purchased a yorkie from Tracy and it was the best experience I’ve ever had!

Max is beautiful, well breed, sweetest and smartest dog I’ve eve purchased! He is so well behaved! Tracy goes above and beyond to love and care for her puppies before you get them! Great breeder for sure!


Thank you Tracy from the bottom of my heart!

for making my long-distance purchase of Carmella a smooth and terrific experience/transaction. I was extremely skeptical to purchase a puppy from Texas because I was from New York, but I never felt more comfortable once I spoke with Tracy on the phone. Knowing I was going to purchase Carmella prior to her birth, Tracy was always available for my phone calls and all my questions. As a breeder, Tracy went above and beyond whatever breeders normally do. After Carmella’s birth, Tracy continuously kept in contact with me updating me with pictures and progress pertaining to my puppy. Carmella’s disposition has much to do with the way Tracy is with her puppies. Carmella is a very healthy and loving puppy. She was pad-trained. I will not go to another breeder for puppy. Tracy is an exceptional breeder, a 10 out of 10. There isn’t anything missing. I will not go to another breeder for a puppy but Tracy. I will be back, I want another one. Again, thank you Tracy for your dedication and love for your Keep me informed of all upcoming litters.

Andrea Odachowski

We recently purchased one of Tracy’s Yorkie puppies.

He is adorable!! Everyone loves him!! Tracy is an exceptional breeder. She cares for each of her puppies as if she was going to keep them all herself. When we picked Eli up he was already used to his name and puppy pad trained. We are from out of her puppies as if she was going to keep them all herself. When we picked Eli up he was already used to his name and puppy pad trained. We are from out of state and had to travel with him right away. Tracy had everything ready for us that we would need to travel from Texas to Florida. He did awesome traveling in the car and our other dog Bella and Eli absolutely love each other. They are best friends now and sleep and play together all the time. Eli has stole both mine and my husbands hearts. We love him to pieces. Thank you Tracy for breeding such gorgeous loving puppies!!!

Rich and Connie

Thank you so much for being such a good first parent to my baby Sammy!

All the babies were very happy. I visited him 2 times before I brought him home and it was very clean and all the babies were happy and playing. I cant wait to someday adopt another baby. Sammy will need a sister. Thank you so much for what you do.


Thank you so much Dutray Yorkies!!!

Our family is absolutely in love with our little Libby and Lincoln!! I cant say enough great things about Tracy. She is one of a kind and I consider her one of the best breeders around. Her love nd compassion shines through as she treats all of her puppies as if there were her forever babies. Tracy, you are a prime example of what all dog breeders should be. Thank you for al you do and specifically for letting our family enjoy and care for these precious babies. I know just who to call when we get ready for another top of the line yorkie! Thanks, from the bottom of our hearts..

The Wyatt family

On December 22 we suddenly lost our little Sasha.

My heart was breaking and my husband began the search for a new puppy. I wasn’t sure if I was ready but thought it couldn’t hurt to look. After many calls to breeders he stumbled across Dutray Yorkies. Tracey was friendly and patient with our many questions. Both parents were on site and we very impressed with her home and especially the mother Lucy. When she brought Chloe out to meet us, she was obviously a happy healthy puppy. While holding Chloe, Lucy crawled into my lap. Chloe began nursing and they both fell asleep. I was in love and so very impressed with Tracey and her puppies. Tracey keeps her puppies with their mother until 12 weeks so they learn socialization. We visited 3  times while Chloe reached 12 weeks. We received updates, pictures and videos weekly. And by the second visit Chloe already knew her name.

The day to take Chloe finally arrived. Tracey had all of Chloe’s medical records organized in a folder with AKC records. She had a bag with her named personalized and all of her toys, bedding and toys. She included Royal Canin food and detailed tips and suggestions.

I can’t say enough about Tracey’s professionalism and knowledge of the breed. She loves her dogs and truly loves breeding and raising them. With so many breeders out there it is often difficult knowing how to choose the right one. Search no further. I highly recommended Dutray Yorkies.

Jen Cauthern-Allen
Dallas, TX

We recently purchased a new puppy thru Tracy at Dutray Yorkies.

We experienced outstanding service and are very pleased with the quality puppy that we received. We had our name on a waiting list before our puppy was born and were continually updated with information and pictures of the puppy as soon as she was born. Tracy made the process very exciting and fun for our family by sending us updates with information and pictures of our puppy along the way. Before we even met face to face with our new addition we were in love! The dog we purchased has the most amazing temperament. The perfect mix between a snuggly and playful puppy. She adores playing with our children and loves to snuggle up to mom and dad. She is beautiful with a strong stature. Her hair is silky, smooth and doesn’t shed. She is the perfect picture of what a Yorkshire terrier looks like with a coloring that you don’t see every day. Her tan, white and black spots are evenly dispersed throughout her body, making her a show stopper! She is amazingly unique and turns heads every time we take her out. The lord made her a little extra special and Tracy did an immaculate job caring for our puppy. Once meeting Tracy, it was easy to see her devotion and passion for these dogs and their new families. We believe that is the biggest reason we have ended up with such a great puppy! The level of knowledge and care given to our puppy from Tracy and Dutray Yorkies was far beyond what was expected. I know I can count on Tracy to answer any questions or needs we may have with our puppy because she does truly love them. We would never buy a puppy anywhere else because we don’t think we would be able to find the same quality of service and quality of a dog. Adding the right kind of dog to your family is a big decision. We feel so blessed to have found Tracy and Dutray Yorkies. Now we have the most amazing Yorkie puppy, Lucy!
The Sobalvarro Family

After searching far and wide for our Party Yorkie puppy we were so blessed to find Tracy.

She was amazing from the very start. She answered all of our questions and went out of her way to help us learn and prepare for all of our new puppy’s needs. We had no idea how much our sweet Harley would change our lives forever! He is so beautiful, loving, smart and full of character! Harley settled in perfectly with our two Basenjis’s and now runs the house, humans and dogs alike. The quality of Tracy’s dogs and puppies are outstanding! Our puppy came to us pee pad trained, loved and pampered, with his new bed, toys, food, clippers, shampoo, conditioner, detangler, Akc papers, and shot records. Wow! Tracy and her husband Duke let us visit multiple times as our puppy was growing up and even now she is always available anytime we need her advice. Her puppies are so special that my mom has now reserved one of her puppies, and we may soon be repeat customers!

Barbara & Sean