Welcome to Dutray Yorkies! Home of the most pampered Parti and Colored Yorkies in all of Texas!

I’m Tracy Simpson, owner and operator of a small in-home breeding service of Parti and Colored Yorkies.

What sets me apart from other small in-home breeders is more than just my passion for and knowledge of the breed but my compassionate nature and eagerness to move across the country to live in the great state of Texas.

I’m originally from Buffalo, New York and, yes, I left because I was fed up with neck deep snow and already had a sister living here but there’s a lot more to my story than just that. In addition to being drawn to the incredible warmth of the people and the weather in Texas (and the first summer admittedly felt like the entire state left their oven doors open and on the broil setting), I needed to find a quiet, comfortable place in the country with plenty of space for me, my husband and my elderly mother. I found a wonderful property in Caddo Mills with a guest house for my mom. In her 80s and suffering from Alzheimer’s, she is in my care with nursing assistance and enjoying her remaining years on this tranquil piece of property.

When I’m not caregiving for my mom, I’m nurturing cuddly litters of adorable Yorkies. The whole thing began when I got Jenny. Like all Yorkie owners, I was hooked right away. I studied the breed for six years and after moving here in 2011, I began to carefully search for AKC registered dogs that would make beautiful puppies. I am a careful, and particular breeder who specifically partners the right dogs for the best results. All puppies go home potty pad trained with a veterinary certified health check, first shots and dewclaws and tails clipped.

I also go to great lengths to keep my Yorkies safe. That’s where my Rottweiler, Billy comes in. Billy is head of security at Dutray Yorkies. He keeps all ne’er-do- wells at bay, allows no unauthorized visitors to enter the Yorkie sanctuary, runs the fitness camp and has inadvertently become the favored chew toy.

He loves the Yorkies and the Yorkies love him. That is Billy’s sole responsibility besides being the family dog. I don’t breed him nor do I raise any other breeds. I devote my land, resources and time to Yorkies exclusively.

Check out my gallery of photos to view these irresistible cuties. All pups are healthy and AKC registered.

Feel free to contact me regarding pricing and availability. I have successfully raised and sold my entire first litter and look forward to raising many more happy, healthy pups out here in this quiet country setting.